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Slime in a Can (250 units)

Our slime in a can is a mesmerising, squishy creation that will provide hours of endless fun. With vibrant colours and a convenient size! Check out the Description below for more information!


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Introducing the ultimate sensory delight – Slime in a Can! Our 48mm Capsule contains a mesmerizing, squishy creation that will provide hours of endless fun. Watch as kids marvel at the stretchy, gooey texture, perfect for sensory playtime. With vibrant colors and a convenient size, this is a must-have for all slime enthusiasts!

All capsules are shrink wrapped to ensure they do not open in transit or in the machines!

*All capsules include safety warning labels 3+ years.*

Point of Sale Card Available
Capsule size: 48mm
Item: Bag 250 Units

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 58 × 45 × 12 cm
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