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Our bouncy balls are always a great favourite. With good quality construction and coming in a variety of sizes, bouncy balls are a staple stock for your vending machine or showbag. Our premium mix includes many of our most popular lines, or choose to buy the bouncy balls that will be most appealing to your clientele.

Quality matters to us, and we like to give our customers products that are playable, joyful and value for money. With this in mind we tried out our range of bouncy balls on a group of our toughest critics – school children. Here’s what happened.

When the kids first opened the bag of bouncy balls the looks of joy and delight on their faces were priceless. There were many cries of excitement and within moments the bag was empty as the kids reached for the bouncy balls that attracted them most. The visual appeal of the bouncy balls was clearly of prime importance to this test group and the first part of their exploration was all about discovering the colours and patterns of the range. Some kids were delighted to find their team colours in the sports range. Many kids spent a long time comparing the sparkles and colours of various balls, and trading their favourites. We loved seeing the kids’ sense of humour as they laughed out loud at the evil eye balls and the funny face balls. Pulling faces to match the faces on the bouncy balls was a lot of fun.

Then the bouncing began! Within moments bouncy balls were bouncing everywhere, with the kids surprised and delighted with just how high these bouncy balls could bounce. There were downball competitions, and ‘who can bounce their ball the highest’ competitions, and even ‘who can make their ball bounce on the most walls of the school gym’ competitions – it was great to see the creativity the kids could bring to a simple game of ball. We won’t deny there was a fair bit of chaos with so many kids and so many bouncy balls playing all at once, but every face was wearing a smile – even the teachers.

We’re happy to report that the kids gave our bouncy balls a big tick of approval.

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