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Flashing Puffer Teddies (250 units)

Our Flashing Puffer Teddies are squishy little bears that light up with each squeeze! Designed to fit our capsules comfortably! Check out the Description below for more information!


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Introducing Flashing Puffer Teddies – adorable companions that bring a burst of light to playtime! Sized perfectly for 48-56mm capsules, these cuddly creatures flash in a rainbow of colours, adding excitement to every squeeze. With their soft, puffy texture and vibrant hues, they’re the perfect little pals for fun on-the-go!

All capsules are shrink wrapped to ensure they do not open in transit or in the machines!

*All capsules include safety warning labels 3+ years.*

Point of Sale Card Available
Capsule size: 48-56mm
Item: Bags of 250 units

Note: AS/NZS 62115 2018 Electric Toys-safety: 13.4.1 compliant.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 58 × 45 × 12 cm
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